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Do situps and crunches cause lower-back pain?
11 votes

Summary There is a demonstrated link in the literature between both cumulative compressive loads of the spine and low duration, high peak compression with low back pain incidence and spondylosis. All ...

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Does lemon juice help remove warts?
8 votes

According to Evaluation of the efficacy of 50% citric acid solution in plane wart treatment After six weeks 64.4% of the lesions in citric acid treated group disappeared versus 53.7% of the lesions ...

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Do "probiotics" have health benefits?
3 votes

Numerous meta-analyses show various benefits in addition to the effects on digestive health and diarrhea that were posted before. Meta-analysis of probiotics for the treatment of irritable bowel ...

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Does chain mail protect against arrows?
2 votes

No, historical accounts throughout history suggest that it did not. It mainly served to provide protection against slashing blows (which would stop it because the force was distributed more widely) ...

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Is GM corn toxic?
-3 votes

We don't know the long term effects that it might have. Feeding studies are generally 90 days long (and most are done by Monsanto, if you trust in the first place). You also can't simply look at the ...

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