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Did Republicans take 10 of 13 Congressional seats in the 2018 North Carolina general election with roughly the same number of votes as Democrats?
Accepted answer
168 votes

Yes, the numbers are correct (within an error margin – probably due to different sources and time of capture). According to the 2018 House election results (I used this handy Washington Post ...

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Were US crime rates significantly lower in 2011 than in 1992?
Accepted answer
47 votes

These numbers look legitimate. They are given per 100,000 (which is a standard practice, and often assumed by default). Both 1992 and 2011 numbers exactly match FBI report (and apparently were taken ...

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Is this a declassified photo?
28 votes

This could easily be a manipulated photo of a "Spazm" Halloween doll. Here's an image of one recently sold on eBay: And a slightly different newer model on Amazon:

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Does North Korea propaganda falsely claim 2014 World Cup participation?
Accepted answer
25 votes

It is very likely to be a fake. According to NKnews, The World Cup games are aired in North Korea by KCTV (although with delay and removed commentary), so it appears that there is no sense in faking ...

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Was MH17's flight path rerouted?
23 votes

No, it was flying its usual path, same as it was flying for months before the event. Here is the path of the same flight day before (a bit to the South): Here is the same flight on 13th of June (a ...

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Does GPS use General Relativity?
14 votes

Does GPS use the theory of relativity? Yes. The information below is quoted from GPS interface specification. SV here is Space Vehicle. This is how the frequency of the clock set: The nominal ...

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Will a warming climate cause more crime?
12 votes

Correlation doesn't imply causation. The author of that paper, no matter how convoluted he is trying it to appear, basically just assumes that there are no other parameters in crime rate per capita ...

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Alien craft design - Would it work?
8 votes

According to Donald Menzel (he is the earliest source of this information I know of), the term "flying saucer" first was mentioned in '47 and the traditional shape followed on, although in reality ...

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Was the MH17 video taken in Ukraine-held territory?
6 votes

Firstly, there is no proof that the video was taken in Krasnoarmiysk. The claim by Russian defence ministry is based on the alleged fact that the banner has an address printed on it: The report didn'...

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