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Is "real ale" healthier than other beers?
Accepted answer
9 votes

Many of the purported health benefits of beer are based on the antioxidant prenylflavonoids present in the hops. In the ale style, the beer is generally hopped more than lagers, and therefore has ...

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Does having late or heavy dinner make you fat?
Accepted answer
79 votes

The majority of our food is actually digested during sleep, so the common argument that "eating late at night is bad because our metabolism [slows or shuts down] during sleep" is incorrect. With that ...

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Are there any studies that prove (or disprove) the idea of "Six Degrees of Separation"?
13 votes

Béla Bollobás, who is famous for having studied the properties of random graphs/networks with Paul Erdős (note Zenon's comment above), discovered loose bounds on the diameter of random regular graphs. ...

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Does electromagnetic radiation from high energy power installations have negative effects on health?
4 votes

This recent EU-sponsored study on the epidemiological effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields suggests that there is a causal link between exposure to electromagnetic radiation from power lines ...

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