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Did Robin Hood exist and get buried here?
8 votes

There's a book on the history of archery called "The Grey Goose Wing": The author discusses the Robin Hood legend, and essentially says it is impossible to pin down. Evidently there were several ...

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Is there anything inexplicable about how the WTC Twin Towers collapsed?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Jeez... You might check out the James Randi forum where the refutations of the "truthers" are both long and detailed... Check out the "conspiracy theories" threads. However... One need not go into ...

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Is perfect pitch something you're "born with?"
2 votes

Oliver Sacks (psychologist) wrote a book called "Musicophelia" which addresses how our brains process and are affected by music: http://www.amazon.com/Musicophilia-Tales-Music-Revised-Expanded/dp/...

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How well is the ideomotor effect understood and defined?
2 votes

The ideomotor effect article on Skeptic's Dictionary says of the effect: The ideomotor effect refers to the influence of suggestion or expectation on involuntary and unconscious motor ...

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Is stretching beneficial after exercise?
1 votes

A couple of months ago, on NPR's Science Friday, they interviewed an exercise physiologist who was saying that current studies showed little if any actual benefit from stretching. Other than the fact ...

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