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In a previous life I received a PhD in Organic Chemistry and after working for a spell as a research chemist, decided the boredom and effects of the chemicals just was not going to cut it as a long-term career. Found I could do a GradDip and retrain as a computer programmer in just one year, taking both stage 2 and 3 at the same time (one paper I didn't even have the prerequisites for). As it turns out this was my niche and I loved, and aced, all my papers, continuing on to complete a PGDipSci.

I started programming in Java at Uni. Loved the introduction of generics and the extensions to enums. My first couple of jobs were also as a Java programmer. I now mostly program in VB.Net and C#.Net, with ASP.Net and Javascript (including JQuery and AngularJs) in there too, and some batch scripting to make my life easier.

I've now swapped with my husband and he looks after the kids while I get to work full-time.

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