Eric Leschinski

Maui's fishhook wants hybrid with a datacenter:

The universe creates eyes and ears in increasing sophistication using higher elements on the periodic table until evolution converges

I'm backing up last decade's software recreation sequences from silicon to enduser experience so when walls go up after punctuated equilibrium, nanotechnology pickles hides under a rock then unpickles like a Tardigrade facing an iceage

The evolution and intelligent design that individuals, corporations and governments are capable of to keep themselves the standard among their ranks is being hybrid into the software and nanotech control-surfaces of computers:

In another 40 years the software in your head made of 700-hertz analog strobe/chirps/tones (A 2 billion year old protein evolved nanotechnology) will fully bidirectionally overlay with smartphones

If one of you can make a way to position and attach individual atoms to each other in any orientation, we could make a transistor out of an individual atom to perform all the same operations of a Turing complete CPU. A transistor made of electron transition orbitals from a cesium atom would need self healing tech against cosmic ray, then from there it's just engineering and software upload

The muscles in your neck that vibrate air evolved from analog pulses previously sent to your legs to move them. That data was corrupted then accidentally sent to a different muscle making it flutter, which converged to your neck for its survival benefit.

The creation sequence that defined the layout of your brain shares a common ancestor with the creation sequence that defined the cosmological constants of the universe

Life is an emergent property of Turbulence from Laminar Flow at the boundary layer of volcanic vents sublimating muddy fluids passing through tubes dug by heat flow:

The meaning appears to be an exercise program to maintain the creation sequence under mutating conditions.

2b years ago a flagella ate a rotifer and instead of digesting, it stale-mate hybrid and their creation sequences spliced. With the new tech: mutant baby put full throttle to crankshaft; soared up into the ocean void and settled down over another energy source

The future appears to be fractals of creation. The tiny analog voltages made of Calculus 3 that swing your arms around reproduce in air. These vibrations pass through transatlantic cable

The nature of the simulation appears to be training to keep the creation by evolution sequence sharp. When you saturate the unit, cake and prizes are administered; spacetime refreshed; drilling resumes.