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No. Snopes explains it is from an advert from Audi: Snopes references a broken link for its source. Here is an equivalent. It names the photographer, Simon Mooney.


One person was attacked on the genitals by a pacu in New Guinea prior to 2001; and possibly others have been attacked on other parts of the body; c.f. the last page of this July 2001 newsletter from the New Guinea Fisheries Department (via waybackmachine; a broken link to this appears in the relevant Snopes article). There is no indication in this report ...


The Wikipedia page on Pacu reports on this joke that was taken more seriously than intended. A 2013 CNN article follows the origin of the story to a comment by a professor at the Copenhagen Museum of Natural History, who later explained he was joking. William Fink, a piranha researcher at the University of Michigan who is also curator of fishes at the ...

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