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Did Churchill say he would drink poison tea if he was married to a particular person?

According to Quote Investigator, the following joke was published in the Oswego Daily Times on 18 November 1899. The “Listener” reports the following from the subway: On one of the recent warm days a ...
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Did Winston Churchill praise Rolls-Royce engines?

There is no reason to doubt that Churchill explicitly mentioned Rolls-Royce in the context of the quote. A Google Books search limited to books published before 1960 returns at least four publications ...
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Did Churchill say "Generals are always prepared to fight the last war"?

It has been said critically that there is a tendency in many armies to spend the peace time studying how to fight the last war. January-February 1929, The Military Engineer, “Some Notes on the World ...
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Did Winston Churchill say the King James Bible had been translated into more than 760 languages?

It appears he said it in A History of the English - Speaking Peoples, Vol. 2 The New World. A short paper authored by Calvin George in 2009 quotes the book directly If the adventurers took ...
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