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Did an Egyptian dean of Islamic Studies say "we have the right to enslave Israeli women whom we captured in the war and enjoy them sexually"?

Yes, a video of her saying this and a more detailed quote are available here: "Those whom you own" (slavery) existed before Islam. It existed among all nations and countries, not just among ...
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Was Iran's attack on Israel secretly coordinated with the USA?

IDK if this answers the question, but a Turkish source (and CNN covered this too in a video) claims that Iran told Turkey somewhat explicitly what they planned to do. And so the theory goes that ...
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When did Saddam Hussein kill 12,000 people in one day through the use of chemical weapons?

He probably added the injured in that event. Wikipedia gives Deaths 3,200–5,000 Injured 7,000–10,000 FWTW, an Al-Jazeera piece (by a Western author) similarly claims: Some 5,000 people – ...
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Was Robert Capa’s famous 1936 war photo “The Falling Soldier” a faked photo?

Faked. Susperregui pretty much lays this one to rest in his second article about the photo He found a magazine that had originally published the photo ... together with another photo that shows a ...
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Were 90% of Mariupol's apartment buildings destroyed during 2022 battles?

FWTW, I'm fairly confident that applying the UNOSAT standards for "destroyed" the 90% claim is almost certainly false. UNOSAT rated most of the buildings affected as "moderately" ...
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