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Does Vitamin D created by sun exposure get washed off in the shower?

Breakdown of the claims There are a couple of claims contained together in this question. Vitamin D is formed on the skin (as well as in). Relatively large amounts remain on the skin or are secreted ...
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Does Vitamin K2 MK-4 have a half-life of about one hour?

No. After this extremely short tl;dr: to be fair, we do not know for sure. Because it seems to be quite complex, if not complicated. And that means the claim is at least very dubious. 25 years ago ...
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Do the vitamins in a smoothie degrade when put in the fridge?

I would not worry. Most vitamins are very stable. Vitamin C can oxidize, a little, over about a week, but overall vitamins are retained in large percentages, over months, even at room temperature. ...
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Does taking a daily multivitamin reduce chances of miscarriage?

There's a fairly recent paper Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriage (2016) that investigates the effect of single vitamin supplements (Vitamin A, Vitamin C). multivitamin supplements, and ...
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Does consuming Vitamin C after eating shrimp result in death by arsenic?

Possibly, but not likely There is an older study mentioned in this 1985 Chicago Tribune article that states that and extremely high dose of Vitamin C followed by eating shrimp may result in "...
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Do the vitamins in a smoothie degrade when put in the fridge?

According @Sklivvz' reference, vitamin C is typically the least stable vitamin. I found a Study on the Kinetics of Vitamin C Degradation in Fresh Strawberry Juices that reports halflife for storage ...
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