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Is this colour footage of Breslau in 1939 authentic?

Yes. It is real, and filmed originally in colour, as is, not colourised later. General Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach, the author of this clip, (alternative version to the one in question) was an ...
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Is this video of a man skipping beams high in the air authentic?

The person in the video is performing the discipline of freerunning (related to parkour). Free-runner Joey Evers (@_joeypk_ on Instagram) has released hundreds of videos of his stunts and "...
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Can this dress change colour dynamically?

According to a post on the designer's Facebook page (and as reported by, it's fake: Hey guys! So our 'colour changing dress' has garnered a LOT of attention and questions, so here's ...
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Does this video portray Muslims being tortured?

It seems as if the video comes from the Malaysian GGK -- their elite commandos. Here is a similar video from season one of the History Channel's "Special Forces" At 2 AM a group has been caught ...
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Did a volcano in Tonga explode again on 17 September 2022?

It's true that an eruption of the Home Reef volcano in Tonga is occurring as of 17 September. Calling it an "explosion" seems to be an overstatement. The claim that it caused a tsunami ...
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Is this video of a fast-moving river of lava authentic?

This seems possible. The U.S. Geological survey states the following: Fluid basalt flows can extend tens of kilometers from an erupting vent. The leading edges of basalt flows can travel as fast as ...
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Is this video of a fast-moving river of lava authentic?

It's Ken Boyer's video from 5pm 15 June 2018. A more complete version is here: Ken Boyer Photography says: Nothing is even slightly altered. It's ...
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Is this video of a fast-moving river of lava authentic?

According to the USGS report: Fissure 8 lava fountains 52-70 m tall showered spatter onto the cone overnight into 19 June (figure 411). [...] Standing waves were visible within the channel and ...
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Biden 'fake' interview: video of Biden's hands appearing the wrong side of microphones

Politifact has done the work here. Steve Herman, a Voice of America reporter who was holding one of the microphones, tweeted about the rumors on March 17. "I was the one holding the lighter-...
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Does this video of collapsing warehouse shelves show a real incident?

I do not know if this video depicts a real incident, but it does show one type of disaster that can happen in a warehouse with overloaded shelves. I don't see any reason to believe it was faked. The ...
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Does this clip show Israeli Apache helicopters shooting their own citizens on Oct 7?

The footage hasn't recently emerged as the tweet claims, but is available since at least Oct 9th with the description: Israeli AH-64 Apache attack helicopters engage Hamas militants with 30mm chain ...
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Did the BBC fake scenes in Planet Earth 2 with composite shots and CGI?

Sites that support the use of CGI or other digital manipulation effects do not provide supporting evidence. Specifically, what you see is really happening, whether in nature or in the lab. However, ...
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Is this video of an attack on an elderly Asian woman authentic?

Evidence It all depends upon what level of evidence you require really, but according to several mainstream sources, including "The Charlotte Observer", the footage is currently believed to ...
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Did the Red Cross cure 154 Malaria cases with MMS within 48 hours?

The Red Cross itself denies that the video is accurate. Their statement categorically denies that they were involved in any clinical trials for Malaria. You can find the following statement on the ...
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Did NIST edit WTC building 7 footage?

I'm going to quote from the comment of @Fizz. It seem the most obvious explanation is that the operator had stopped filming to save tape because nothing interesting was happening for a while. And ...
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Is this accident footage authentic?

No, it is not a real accident. The advert was created by Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), on behalf of the Western Cape Government and AT&T's #ItCanWait campaign. It is discussed in an AdWeek ...
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Does this viral video show a man's head explode while inflating a dinghy?

If you observe at the top of the linked youtube video you can see it says "". I found their youtube channel via click on "Work" and the "youtube". The video stream ...
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Does this clip show Israeli Apache helicopters shooting their own citizens on Oct 7?

The video was contextualized in a Ynet article. After the pilots realized that there was tremendous difficulty in distinguishing within the occupied ...
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Does this video show the Notre Dame fire being deliberately lit?

The video in question comes from this webcam: Viewsurf: Cathédrale Notre Dame. This webcam only takes one 60-second video every hour, at 5 minutes after the hour (17:05, 18:05 etc). Here's a Youtube ...
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Did a volcano in Tonga explode again on 17 September 2022?

Matangi Tonga Online ("Tonga's Leading News Website") posted an article on 17 September 2022: Tonga's Home Reef Volcano erupted again early this morning, with eruption events increasing ...
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Biden 'fake' interview: video of Biden's hands appearing the wrong side of microphones

While the question has been answered with links to fact-checkers, I think it's worth adding a video that shows just how this effect occurs, because it might not be obvious to people who aren't in the ...
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Is there faked Soviet footage of Yuri Gargarin's space flight?

I could not (yet) find details of the camera affixed inside Gagarin's capsule, but only a few months later, Gherman Titov, carried a mobile 35mm camera (depicted below) in the Vostok 2 flight: ...
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Is this a video of Russian high school children assembling an assault rifle as part of their core education?

First of all, yes, it is secondary/high school (common education). Yes, this video is a very likely record of an actual school lesson (however, there is no clear evidence that it is). Here is another ...
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Did Angelina Jolie admit participating in a ritual involving sexual torture and animal sacrifice?

Even if you ignore the misleading annotations, the video doesn't contain what you say it does. Jolie eg doesn't mention a 'ritual'. She does talk about sexuality & tattoos, but her interest in ...
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Was this video of a home made phone charger faked?

Any basic introduction to how wireless charging works and what it requires should make it immediately apparent that none of those elements are present. For example, here's a writeup on Qi with the ...
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Did Hamas release a video of a doll "accidentally" masquerading as a dead child in Gaza?

According to the BBC it was a real person, not a doll: The first online post I saw about Omar's death was from a pro-Israeli account on X (formerly known as Twitter). It included a video, featuring a ...
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Is the hand in this video of feeding hummingbirds an actual human hand?

The scale of the hand, cup and Hummingbirds are reasonable, additionally the detail of the hand would be extremely difficult and potentially expensive to replicate as a fake. Perhaps more relevant is ...
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Is Casey Neistat's video of himself flying under a drone genuine?

I'm not sure exactly what evidence you would need, but watch the rebuttal video Bakuriu linked to, made by the team who produced the original, and with commentary listing the technical specifications (...
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