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Air travel risk vs taxi risk

One is more likely to be killed on the drive to the airport than on a flight on an airline with a good safety record. Rail and plane travel are much safer in terms of annual and lifetime odds than ...
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Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?

Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001 that are not certified for E15? The Data Says No. While there's much debate on E15, the actual research into E15 on non-E15 cars appears to fall on the "...
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Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?

At least one source says yes. This is an example for 2014 Hondas: Fewer than 1% off all cars on the road in North America today are true "Flex Fuel" vehicles. [...] Filling your Honda car ...
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Can 100 bicycles be made from the materials used to build one car?

This is obviously not true. You have to look at the different materials cars or bicycles are made from because that statement doesn't restrict itself to a specific material. This would require the ...
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is it illegal to coast down a hill in New York State?

It was as of 2012. Article 33 section 1216 of the New York Vehicle and Traffic act states: § 1216. Coasting prohibited. The driver of any motor vehicle when traveling upon a down grade ...
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