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Do COVID-19 vaccines cause two deaths for every three deaths they prevent?

A series of comments on the article's PubPeer appears to entirely invalidate the paper's conclusion; the paper commits several classic errors which have been previously discussed on skeptics.se. First ...
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Is the decline in polio symptoms directly caused by the banning of pesticides such as DDT?

I'll address your last question first, starting with the mantra of science and statistics: Correlation doesn't equal causation There is a common anecdote in my home country about the mayor of a ...
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Did Germany's Supreme Court rule that the measles virus didn't exist?

No. The court cases are not represented accurately. The denialist Stefan Lanka promised to pay 100 000 Euros to anyone that provided him proof that a measles virus causing the illness exists. Soon ...
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Were only 10% of the population vaccinated against smallpox?

The statement is patently false. A National Institute of Health Paper talks about this in detail. The global eradication effort, led by D.A. Henderson, originally used a strategy of mass vaccination ...
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Do COVID-19 vaccines cause two deaths for every three deaths they prevent?

Update (7/9/21): The paper was retracted on July 2, 2021. The retraction cited the same concern that not all deaths reported to national government systems are necessarily caused by the vaccine, while ...
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Is the COVID-19 vaccine 50 times more likely to kill young people than COVID-19 itself?

As per context from the Bannon-hosted interview, the claim was made in the context of the US FDA approval for vaccinating the 12-15 y.o., so I'll address it [only] in that regard. The claims is ...
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Can an RNA vaccine change your DNA permanently?

Later in that video the claim is specified a bit more, mentioning that mRNA with CRISPR/Cas will modify our genetic code. You can edit DNA with CRISPR, but that is not what is in an mRNA vaccine. The ...
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Are there vaccine ingredients which may not be disclosed ("hidden", "trade secret", or similar)?

TL;DR: In the US and the EU, vaccine manufacturers are required to disclose all ingredients within the vaccine on vaccine packaging inserts available online alphabetically and European public ...
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Are unusually many people dying after being vaccinated for COVID-19?

This has been fact-checked extensively: All following quotes are from the Washington Post. It may be a stunning picture, but it’s also a highly misleading and cherry-picked one. The most crucial ...
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Are most cases of polio derived from the polio vaccine?

Numbers not exact, ratio plausible. This is a success story. The WHO provides a queryable database on AFP / polio. I am a bit unclear on the exact meaning of the headers, so I'll list the 2017 global ...
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Are people with a PhD least likely to be vaccinated in the US?

The graph accurately represents the survey result but the survey cannot be taken as an accurate representation of the true position. If you follow the link to the paper that Unherd has you'll see the ...
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Are vaccinated children significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated, as recent study claims?

Almost all studies in this arena are correlative-based and not causation-based, so that I would take them all with a grain of salt. I would all suggest that Weiler and Thomas (2020) omit some ...
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Did the Covid vaccines lower fertility rates via causing infertility?

JD Rucker claims that a falling birth rate is the result of reproductive damage caused by Covid-19 vaccines. However he does not say if he means all the vaccines or just some of them: none are ...
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Did Henry Kissinger say this about forced vaccinations?

No, there is no evidence this is an actual quote Reuters has investigated this issue and came to conclusion: Henry Kissinger’s speeches are archived on his website and only two are listed for 2009 ( ...
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Did Covid vaccines massively increase excess death in Australia in 2022?

I'm basing my answer on the article "Secret Government Documents confirm COVID-19 Vaccine roll-out caused Excess Deaths in Australia to increase by 5,162%" in The Expose. As far as I can ...
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Are the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna vegan?

Does Pfizer/BioNTech's Comirnaty/Tozinameran mRNA vaccine contain anything derived from animals, specifically animal-derived cholesterol, making it non-vegan? No. Neither the cholesterol nor any ...
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Does the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (or any known vaccine) increase infection rates?

I'll answer the question about AstraZeneca first, because it's important to be precise here about what this means for the SARS-CoV2 vaccines we're using right now. The answer there is that there is no ...
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Have more deaths occurred after Covid-19 vaccines than from vaccine injuries in the previous 15 years in total?

I think the explanation for "oddity" in those numbers (besides the fact that they don't capture causality) is that in usual circumstances vaccines are mostly administered to children, so ...
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Is the effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against Omicron negative after three months?

No it doesn't. That is directly mentioned in the study: The negative estimates in the final period arguably suggest different behaviour and/or exposure patterns in the vaccinated and unvaccinated ...
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Does the CDC own vaccine patents?

The Centers for Disease Control has applied for and been assigned patents for a number of vaccines. Vaccines are a great tool for controlling disease. The CDC licenses out their patents. I cannot ...
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Does a pear contain 600 times more formaldehyde than a vaccine?

No. The amount of formaldehyde in 200 grams of pear is about 7 times the maximum that an infant would receive from a single vaccine, as explained below: According to Determination of formaldehyde in ...
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Do COVID-19 vaccinations during early pregnancy lead to a higher miscarriage rate?

The referenced claim misuses statistics from a study of the vaccines effects based on V-Safe data. The study finds that of 824 completed pregnancies of vaccinated women, 104 of the pregnancies were ...
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Does the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine destroy natural immunity in children?

No. If you read the original, rather short article you'll notice that it never makes any kind of claim about the vaccine destroying any protection. To the contrary, the article argues that the data ...
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Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier?

Summary: The survey this article was based on was biased, poorly designed and poorly implemented. The conclusions cannot be trusted. This study was examined by Orac who has been "checking in ...
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Is it dangerous for vaccinated children to be around unvaccinated children?

The answer is sometimes YES, vaccinated people are sometimes afraid of unvaccinated people, often with good reason. This in no way suggests the vaccine is not effective if potentially being exposed to ...
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Does the third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine "boost antibody levels"?

Does the third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine “boost antibody levels”? Yes, at least in certain cases. Two published studies in patients with solid organ transplants (i.e. people who are ...
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Does this study from 2012 speak to the potential long term effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines?

No, the 2012 study says nothing about Covid-19 vaccines. In fact, it's been so over-used by the anti-vaxxers that one of the study's authors was interviewed by Reuters back in February 2021: A video ...
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Did Louis Pasteur keep a gun in the laboratory while developing the rabies vaccine?

The story appears to be mostly true. It was told by the niece of one of the men who participated in the early experiments. Note that these experiments were before there was even an experimental ...
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Are unusually many people dying after being vaccinated for COVID-19?

Since this Q is going for a more direct comparison of deaths "after" Covid-19 vaccines vs deaths "after" influenza ones (per 1st para in the quote), as detailed in an answer to a ...

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