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Did UK hospital tell the police that a patient was not raped because the alleged attacker was transgender?

Background The question is in fact solely based on remarks made in a House of Lords debate by Baroness Emma Nicholson on 16 March 2022. The newspaper reports I would suggest have no value as they are ...
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Do trucks cause disproportionate pedestrian and cyclist fatalities for the distance travelled?

We can easily find this data for the UK as a whole. In 2022, trucks (which we take to be Heavy Goods Vehicles [HGVs]) accounted for 17.4 billion of the 323.8 billion vehicle miles traveled, which is ...
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Are half of transgender women inmates (in England and Wales) sex offenders or category A prisoners?

No. The first article you linked, from Fair Play For Women, cites a BBC article dated after the article, that calls their organization out for questionable interpretation of the data. While they have ...
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When did Saddam Hussein kill 12,000 people in one day through the use of chemical weapons?

He probably added the injured in that event. Wikipedia gives Deaths 3,200–5,000 Injured 7,000–10,000 FWTW, an Al-Jazeera piece (by a Western author) similarly claims: Some 5,000 people – ...
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