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Is Trump personally blocking people on Twitter?

It appears that Trump is indeed personally responsible for blocking his critics on Twitter, as opposed to a staffer or aide. This came up in oral arguments this past March concerning the continuing ...
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Did Trump tweet the most liked Persian language tweet in history?

Two hours after Donald Trump's tweet, actor Mark Hamill responded with another tweet in Farsi which translates to Please ignore the fact that I created a travel ban for you and threatened to bomb ...
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Are Russian Twitter trolls exploiting the (Feb 2018) Florida school shooting?

TL;DR Several websites that specialize in tracking activity from trolls/bots/Russian government related/any combination of the three - Twitter accounts have related activity from those accounts ...
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Did Trump tweet the most liked Persian language tweet in history?

Yes, the claim is currently true, but may or may not have been true at the time of the claim. [I am going to use the timestamps shown to me by Twitter; these may be regional and differ for you.] ...
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Was Twitter "Throttling" certain political tweets in 2017?

In short, No. Mr. Adams' complaint mirrors a common accusation by conservatives and boils down to two points: "I am not getting the likes and engament I believe I should be getting." "...
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Are Twitter censoring positive responses to President Trump's tweets?

Information about Twitter's recent change, which could be seen as deliberately censoring positive responses: Earlier this month Twitter changed their software to maximise quality content. In essence, ...
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