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Was adding milk to tea started to reduce employee tea break time?

The factory owners certainly did not start the habits of English workers to drink their tea with milk to speed up the breaks. That is a bogus claim incompatible with recorded history. Perhaps there ...
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Is honey toxic when heated up in tea?

Let me start off with my conclusion as a chemist... I absolutely don't believe that heating honey in hot water would make the liquid indigestible or toxic. The claim The webpages cited by the OP,...
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Was adding milk to tea started to reduce employee tea break time?

I will answer with a Polish source but there are also traces of "Bavarian" tea and its history in other languages (mostly French and German as its source is either Bavarian princes in Paris ...
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Is drinking tea after a meal unhealthy?

According to this study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (and referred to in this medical news article), consuming tea with meals has a significant effect on iron absorption. ...
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Does tea contain as much (or more) caffeine as coffee?

It totally depends on the type of tea, the amount of leaves you use. The average tea bag contains about 2 grams (about a tablespoon) of tea. If you're making loose leaf tea, it's possible you're ...
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Does drinking matcha tea reduce LDL cholesterol in humans?

Here is a study that confirms green tea (including matcha) causes significant reduction in LDL-cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol) concentration. I read that in this article which contains first-hand ...
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