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Is Aspartame being added to regular Coke?

FDA According to the US FDA PART 172 -- FOOD ADDITIVES PERMITTED FOR DIRECT ADDITION TO FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Subpart I--Multipurpose Additives Sec. 172.804 Aspartame. ... ...
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Does a tax on drinks with high sugar content reduce sugar consumption?

Summary: Based on current research, there is evidence from several studies that higher tax on drinks with high sugar content might reduce sugar consumption. However, researchers feel that the levied ...
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Do high-fat diets causes heart disease?

All fats do not have the same effect on the body when ingested even though they possess a similar chemical structure. All fats have a similar chemical structure: a chain of carbon atoms bonded to ...
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Do people who swap sugary sodas for diet sodas lose weight?

The paper cited is available online. It does not exactly claim that artificially sweetened beverages ("ASBs") "do not help people lose weight". What it actually says is this: In summary, the ...
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Has selective breeding increased the sugar level of fruits?

Yes. Temperate Fruit Crops in Warm Climates at page 178: A general objective in most breeding programs is higher sugar content See Survey of Food and Nutrition Research in the United States, which ...
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When eating carbs, do sugary drinks reduce calorie consumption compared to diet drinks?

Q: So, is the claim that you should consume sugary drinks with carb-heavy meals to reduce your calorie consumption when compared to diet drinks credible? In the abstract of the study in Yahoo Style ...
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Does "sugar feed infection"?

(In mice models,) it depends on the type of infection. Opposing Effects of Fasting Metabolism on Tissue Tolerance in Bacterial and Viral Inflammation (Wang et al) Acute infections are associated with ...
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Is more than 25g or 38g of sugar per day harmful?

This is what the American Heart Association recommends, straight from the horse's mouth: The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting the amount of added sugars you consume to no more ...
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