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Would the top 100 men in most physical sports beat each of the top 100 women?

The Wikipedia List of Olympic records in Athletics page has links to each individual sport, listing the top 25 results by gender. I've compiled the information showing the 25th-best men's result vs. ...
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Would the top 100 men in most physical sports beat each of the top 100 women?

On the evidence of the IAAF, the 100th best male athlete is significantly faster and/or stronger than a female. Here are a few examples: Event 100th Man 1st Woman Eq male rank 100m 10....
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Would the top 100 men in most physical sports beat each of the top 100 women?

Extremes In the fuller quote, Dawkins seems to be talking about extremes, "Lots of women are taller than lots of men, but the tallest men are taller than the tallest women." He also uses the ...
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Is it less dangerous to box without gloves than with gloves?

Some studies came to the conclusion that bare knuckle boxing may be safer because people punch harder with gloves. This was also attributed to it being painful to punch really hard with just your ...
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Can the Bajau people stay underwater for as long as 13 minutes?

I will say 'no'. According to the study Underwater working times in two groups of traditional apnea divers in Asia: The Ama and the Bajau, Bajau divers dive for 28 seconds with an standard deviation ...
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Is Leicester City winning the English Football premiership the most improbable single event in betting history?

Almost certainly yes, if you only count single bets with "underdog" long odds on single sporting outcomes - several sources have looked into this, including betting companies themselves, and found ...
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Did Gigi Wu ("bikini climber") die of hypothermia because she was only wearing a bikini?

Even the linked article 'Bikini Climber' Freezes To Death After 65-Foot Fall Off Mountain indicates Wu wore a regular amount of clothing until she posed for photos: While photos usually showed Wu ...
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Did a cheetah refuse to race against dogs?

No. Snopes explains it is from an advert from Audi: Snopes references a broken link for its source. Here is an equivalent. It names the photographer, Simon Mooney.
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Is any unconscious person capable of full splits?

No. The claim, that "when unconscious, we are all capable of full splits", is not supported by evidence. There is not a great deal of literature on this topic. One paper on a similar topic “...
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Are activities in which both people bleed on each other considered "No Risk" for the transmission of HIV?

Regarding the claim that scratching is a "No Risk" activity, here is a study showing no HIV transmission from scratches and bites from a person with contaminated fingers and mouth: To examine the ...
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Did a Charlton goalkeeper stay on the pitch for 20 minutes after the match was cancelled due to fog?

Except for some small details, the story appears to be true. It was Christmas Day (not Boxing Day) He might have only been out there for 15 minutes after that (instead of 20). Sam Bartram was the ...
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Are covid vaccines causing additional cardiac events amongst athletes?

The prevalance of cardiac events among athletes was discussed before the Covid-19 pandemic. The British Journal of Sports Medicine asked in 2017: Are elite athletes at higher risk of developing ...
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Has Hillary Clinton been a Cubs and a Yankees fan for years?

Yes, Clinton has self-admittedly been a fan of both clubs for years. We can see from her opponents' view on the issues (obviously painted with a negative slant) that Hillary Clinton has claimed to be ...
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Is running barefoot healthier for your feet?

More research has been conducted on the topic since 2011, and the answer should now be revised from yes, to requires more evidence. From The Skeptic's Guide to Sports Science: Confronting Myths of the ...
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Does UA Rush bodywear improve athletic performance?

I started with search engines looking for supporting evidence. However, I found none, so I decided to contact Under Armour directly. (Ping me in chat and add a comment for the full transcript. I have ...
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Were the Chinese tennis events cancelled by the WTA in relation to Peng Shuai already cancelled because of COVID-19?

It appears that the cancelation due to covid was for the year 2021 and would have been reviewed at the start of the next year. The cancelation in regards to the issues around Peng Shuai appear to have ...
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Do transgender women athletes have an advantage over cisgender women athletes?

Is the Male Performance Advantage Removed by Testosterone Suppression? According to a "non" peer reviewed study by Hilton & Lundberg "Transgender Women in The Female Category of ...
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Did doctors/scientists say that breaking the 4-minute mile was impossible?

Many people claimed that running a mile in less than four minutes would be impossible, nearly impossible or fatally dangerous. One example of a scientist with very fine arguments in that tradition is ...
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Are badminton shuttlecocks made using feathers from only the left wing of a duck or goose?

Issue: Are badminton shuttlecocks made using feathers from only the left wing of a goose or a duck? Source: Shuttlecock aerodynamics Evidence: Badminton World Federation (BWF) the world governing ...
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Is there one (and only one) endurance sport in which women outperform men?

Longest Current-Neutral Swims currently shows the top four record holders in this category are women. Also two closely related long distance cycling records are held by a woman: the distance covered ...
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Did Michael Jordan sell a used shirt for $1250?

There are multiple incorrect facts in the story included in the Quora post. Michael Jordan was an African-American man, born in 1963, in the slums of Brooklyn, New York. He had four brothers and his ...
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Does cupping have medical benefits?

Most of what I will repeat here comes from a blogger that goes by the moniker of Skeptical Raptor. In particular, his looking into the research. In his article, he cites two main sources (which ...
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Did a Jewish boxer survive the holocaust by fighting fellow prisoners?

The graphic is mostly true. Arouch arrived at Auschwitz in the summer of 1943 and fought about 200 times (usually 3-round fights) between then and 17 January 1945 when the camp was evacuated. ...
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Does Cristiano Ronaldo drink or smoke?

The drinking and tattoo claims seem to be true. Does Ronaldo not have any tattoos so that he can donate blood more freely? This seems to be correct. Various places report it online, for example ...
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Is Casey Neistat's video of himself flying under a drone genuine?

I'm not sure exactly what evidence you would need, but watch the rebuttal video Bakuriu linked to, made by the team who produced the original, and with commentary listing the technical specifications (...
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Have jumping vault gymnasts improved immensely in the past 80 years?

Authenticity First, I want to check the two videos are genuine. The second vaulter is gold-medal winning South Korean Olympic competitor, Yang Hak Seon, in the Men's Vault Final of the London 2012 ...
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Was the Super Bowl originally the Super Ball?

This is false. The NFL's Super Bowl History page has the first Super Bowl logo, which calls the game the First World Championship Game AFL vs NFL. The following games are then called "Super Bowl II" ...
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Does removing headguards in boxing reduce concussion?

Yes it does, according to medical studies, but the reasons for it are probably behavioural and not physiological. The AIBA's decision came as a result of scientific studies that showed that the number ...
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Is bare-knuckle boxing a safer combat sport than regular boxing in terms of brain trauma?

It's unlikely this can be answered one way or the other with the current level of data. Reasons for this are roughly two (or three): There are very few bare-knuckle fights nowadays, so not enough of a ...
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Have any Olympic medalists suffered from asthma?

I remember that there was quite an issue about athletes suffering from asthma and other health problems when Russian hackers published the medical records of US and other western athletes that were ...
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