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Did 528 Hz sound broadcasts help clean polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico?

Because there is no associated study, peer-reviewed or otherwise, it is difficult to prove a negative. That said, extraordinary claims (a particular frequency of sound makes oil disappear) require ...
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Did 528 Hz sound broadcasts help clean polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico?

It is important to note that what Dr. Robert Naman "certified" is just the concentration of oil and grease in each of the two samples provided. He did not in any way "certify" the ...
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Do trackers hold their ears to the ground?

According to the 1832 book Six Months in America, volume II, at page 67: At certain seasons of the year, their tramping and bellowing may be heard at a vast distance on the plains, by putting the ...
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Does the sound of the Sun oscillate around 528 Hz?

No, it seems that the 528hz claim is either completely made up, or at best based off of recordings artificially adjusted to be heard by humans. The Sun simply doesn't oscillate that quickly or that ...
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Can a 7-Hz tone kill chickens via resonance?

Probably not. I don't know about chickens, but I do know the resonance frequencies of a human head. If chicken heads can be exploded, presumably humans are in some sort of risk. Multiscale ...
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What is the source for the supposed "sound of hell"?

The April 24, 2012 episode of Skeptoid (#307) covers this. There are several claims as to the origin of the sound. The most popular (albeit not very well supported) is that it is a looped bit from a ...
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Do active-noise cancelling headphones produce ear fatigue?

No. It's the opposite: noise cancelling headphones typically reduce fatigue. The opposing sound waves generated by active noise cancellation technology end up blocking key parts of the sound ...
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Did 528 Hz sound broadcasts help clean polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico?

This is as close as you can get from science: Abstract of review paper from 20 years ago To summarize it: low-frequency acoustic waves can displace oil and other substances trapped in the pores of ...
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How useful are online hearing frequency tests?

I have downloaded audio using youtube-dl in the best quality(opus @160k (48000Hz)) from the linked video and opened it in Audacity. The spectrogram displays that the file contains the claimed ...
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Do AVS/Psychowalkman/Mind Machine devices work?

Do Audio-Visual-Stimulation/Psychowalkman/Mind Machine devices work? Various scientific studies indicate that Audio Visual Stimulation does work. According to this paper, several studies have shown ...
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How useful are online hearing frequency tests?

The question is complicated. First, we should be clear that audiologists conduct more elaborate tests than just "pure tone audiometry". Wikipedia provides a good summary, including examining ...
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Do AVS/Psychowalkman/Mind Machine devices work?

I read the papers that Mohammad Sakib Arifin cited in this answer but I came to a different conclusion, so I thought I would write another answer. I found that the "research" on this subject is ...
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