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Do 80 to 90 percent of lifelong smokers never develop lung cancer?

This study from 2018 has a table (Fig.3) for lifetime risk of lung cancer, with that being ~12-14% for current smoker, and less than 2% for never-smoker. So, it is true that 80-90 percent of smokers ...
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Do 80 to 90 percent of lifelong smokers never develop lung cancer?

Note that the claim was specifically made about lung cancer. Smoking can cause many different types of cancer. Someone who dies from smoking-related throat, oral, stomach, etc. cancer wouldn't be ...
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Are electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes may not be harmless but they are clearly much less harmful than cigarettes Public Health England (PHE) produced a review of e-cigs in the middle of 2015 which came to this ...
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Is 1 hour of shisha as harmful as smoking 100 cigarettes?

Is 1 hour of shisha as harmful as smoking 100 cigarettes? There are studies supporting the idea that this is probably close to the right order of magnitude. The US Centers for Disease Control and ...
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Do smoking-related deaths save cost to health service?

TLDR: The claim does appear to have support from scientific studies. Details: The original claimant has tweeted a citation to support her claim: It's true! Smokers die earlier so cost the health ...
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Do 80 to 90 percent of lifelong smokers never develop lung cancer?

It is an oversimplification to assume that even the majority of lifelong smokers 'must' develop lung cancer and die from it. There are other causes of death, and lung cancer is a leading cause among ...
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Is it possible to get high smoking banana peel?

Bananas contain no known psychedelic substances, so any "high" that is experienced is purely psychological. The book Rooted in America: Foodlore of Popular Fruits and Vegetables gives a short ...
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Is there a wage gap between smokers and non-smokers?

The video shows a brief shot of their source: A quick search reveals this CBNC article: In a new paper, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta economists Julie Hotchkiss and Melinda Pitts found that ...
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Does smoking one joint give as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking four to five cigarettes?

The USC webpage states MARIJUANA USE CONSEQUENCES The well-confirmed danger of smoking marijuana is lung damage and lung cancer. As examples: 1 joint = 5 cigarettes in terms of ...
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"In some cities, it's more dangerous to breathe than to smoke cigarettes."

I was considering the same question when I lived in Shanghai (a very polluted city indeed) and was told that many industrial cities in the north east of China was many times worse. While smokers may ...
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Does Cristiano Ronaldo drink or smoke?

The drinking and tattoo claims seem to be true. Does Ronaldo not have any tattoos so that he can donate blood more freely? This seems to be correct. Various places report it online, for example ...
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Did Time Magazine publish an article in 1931 explaining how to prepare and roll marijuana?

Time Magazine published a short article on September 7, 1931 about marijuana, but the article does not "explain how to prepare and roll marijuana". Instead, it provides a brief description ...
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Does one drop of nicotine kill a horse?

Pharmacology and Toxicology of Nicotine with Special Reference to Species Variation Science 02 May 1958: Vol. 127, pages 1054-1055 reports actual experimental data by injecting nicotine into the ...
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Does smoking tobacco increase work capacity?

Issue: Whether smoking tobacco increases work capacity? Evidence: The meta analytic study quoted in the OP's source is only directly about the effects of nicotine on cognition and is not connected ...
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Do smoking-related deaths save cost to health service?

It's complicated There are many different ways of modelling the cost of tobacco to society, depending on what figures are included or excluded from the total amount. For example, Devine's described ...
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