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Can Joy Milne smell Parkinson's disease?

tl;dr Maybe. Yes, there is a woman who claims she can smell Parkinson's and yes, in a pilot study her abilities convinced scientists who started further research. However, from the (so far) available ...
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Can anxiety increase body odor?

Yes, it's possible. Generalized anxiety disorder can make you sweat more: Physical symptoms of GAD GAD can also have a number of physical symptoms, including: dizziness tiredness a ...
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Does water bring out the flavor and aroma in scotch?

The phenomenon is real, but the first explanation is wrong. For an account of what happens, help yourself to a very good answer at the Seasoned Advice StackExchange. Basically, there are various ...
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Does the nose stop smelling a scent after a few minutes?

It is true - the process is called habituation. It depends on how frequent (odor exposure [or sniffs] per minute) a smell is registered. Habituation can last from less than ten minutes up to at least ...
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