Yes. Duo labs (security vendor) says on https://duo.com/decipher/labs-presents-whats-happening-with-rfid-blocking-gear It turns out standards for testing these RFID-blocking devices actually exists since the government wants to make sure these sleeves and cards actually work before buying them for government employees and contractors. There is an actual ...


Facebook admits that four outside entities (Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and Royal Bank of Canada) had read/write/delete access to Facebook users' messages. However, Facebook insists that: No third party was reading your private messages, or writing messages to your friends without your permission.


Yes. There are exactly two ways. Bitcoin, or more specifically the blockchain, needs constant auditing by powerful computers which have power as well as cooling needs. If the government controls electricity, as China does, they can effectively choke out the bitcoin miners (auditors) in their country. If the number of miners goes down to the point where any ...

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