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The New York Times jobs section links through to the their international opportunities. There, when filtering on "Russian Federation" you can find a direct link to this job advert which reads, in full: Vladimir Putin’s Russia remains one of the biggest stories in the world. It sends out hit squads armed with nerve agents against its enemies, most ...


This is genuine. A google search for "new york times jobs" results in the New York Times Career page which includes the advert under "Explore International Opportunities".


I couldn't find any evidence that Putin was hiding in a bunker for a significant amount of time in 2020. As it seems, most of the rumors come from the photos of his apparently windowless conference room in Novo-Ogaryovo. The earliest reference to the "bunker" I could find was published on in 2015: Is Putin in the Bunker?: Путин в бункере? Ни ...

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