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Is this the Oath to become a Master Mason?

The same oath also occurs in Morgan's Exposure of Freemasonry, on pages 47 and 48. However, it seems that Freemasonry has never confirmed any of the exposures. Therefore, we can never know for certain....
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Do Russian forces now have an official religious prayer to protect against "Devil's Drones"?

No way. (Left this as a comment under the question, but on second thought, it deserves an answer) IMSoP correctly pointed out in a comment, putting it in an answer here for greater visibility, that in ...
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Did Bertrand Russell say, "Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence, ..."?

I have not been able to find that exact phrasing. However, in a lecture on March 24, 1922, entitled "Free Thought and Official Propaganda", Russell did say the following: I do not believe ...
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Do people have visions of religious figures from other religions (outside of Jesus)?

While this question seems slightly off topic for this site, it also has a simple answer. For example there is a Muslim poet, Raskhan, who had visions of Krishna from childhood. Dreams of Krishna are ...
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Is the Greek Orthodox church worth 700 billion Euros?

There was an update to the Wikipedia article on May 8, 2023 by User:Virtuus. Sharing the text of the edit (emphasis mine) the France24 article about the Greek church has a typo. According to this ...
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Was Jaco van der Westhuyzen's knee faith-healed by TB Joshua?

PCL injuries can be treated operatively, though the best method has not yet been established. PCL injuries can also be treated non-operatively. Good outcomes for non-operative treatment of PCL ...
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