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Is at least $70 million in health care costs in the USA directly attributable to low literacy?

Ironically, it appears that this claim has been badly mangled by the claimants due to poor literacy skills! Let's start with definitions. Here is how Health Literacy: A Review distinguishes between "...
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Does a "desirable difficulty" in reading font affect memory retention?

No independent peer review has this tested. The circumstantial evidence for this is good but leads to expectations that indicates a limited applicability and a temporary, small effect. This is not a ...
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Is an amber background color better for reading at night?

Amber tinted screens do not make the device better for reading in the sense that they allow you to read more easily. The purpose of the tint is to diminish the effect that the phone's screen has on ...
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Does reading off a self-luminous tablet impact the quality of sleep?

Guessing it does not count as science-related: iPads are so bad for your healthy sleep that even Apple offers now a redshifting feature in newer devices. But that is partially because: Evening use of ...
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Did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe invent a speed-reading technique?

[Aside: In the comments to the Q, the reception of Goethe in Germany is compared to that of Shakespeare in England - it might be comparable today (as it is mostly his literary works that are still ...
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Is it harmful to your eyes to read in dim light?

No exactly like that, but the lack of outdoor/intense light exposure is an environmental risk factor in developing myopia. This factor is directly correlated with education, at least as currently ...
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Does the PX Project increase reading speed by an average of 386%?

Probably not. The standard clinical research assessment method for evaluating reading performance seems to be the New International Reading Speed Texts (IReST.) cite 1 cite 2 cite 3 As far as I've ...
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