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Has ISIS and Al Qaeda sent out a message telling their terrorists to only attack white people?

Limbaugh goes into a bit more depth, and also mentions the source for his claims: They're all for it at Al-Qaeda. Wiping out gays? A bunch of attaboys for doing that. However, the [Inspire Guide:...
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Do spying devices implanted through human ear canals exist?

There is a lot wrong with the whole thing here. For a start, when you try and find the original article allegedly written by Professor Kelley which is titled Case Studies of Destabilization and ...
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Is DAB+ digital radio more energy efficient than FM radio?

[Edited to add reference to European Broadcasting Union Cost-Benefit analysis] A cost-benefit analysis of FM vs DAB undertaken for the European Broadcasting Union based on a detailed analysis of Big-...
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How can a call use cellular service when cellular service is off in Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is software controlled. In other words, when you touch the screen in the area that indicates "activate airplane mode" the software behind the scenes changes some data that prevents calls ...
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Are remote self-powered implanted devices with transmitters practical?

The paper you linked purports 10 V * 6e-7 A were produced, which is 6e-6 W - it also purports that this is a power density of 1e-2 W/cm², which would put the area of the actual generator being used at ...
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