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Was a shaved female orangutan used as a prostitute at an Indonesian brothel?

This claim is true, according to a NGO dedicated to the conservation of Bornean Orangutans. The Orangutan, named Pony, was shaved every day and used as a prostitute in a village located in Indonesian ...
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Did most sex workers experience abuse as a child?

There are significant numbers of studies that back up this claim, and associate childhood sexual abuse with sex work (meaning prostitution). Specifically studies show that the rate of childhood ...
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Does prostitution in Thailand make up around 10% of its GDP?

This difficult to estimate even in developed countries. Best I could find for East Asia, in general, is this from the ILO, from 1998 (duh!): The sex sector in the four countries [Indonesia, Malaysia, ...
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Does the Netherlands goverment fund 'Hookers for the Handicapped'?

To provide some citations from academic papers rather than news articles: The Rights and Wrongs of Prostitution 09 January 2009 Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy This division already ...
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