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Are Chinese companies hiring "developer cheerleaders"?

Probably as true as "American companies hire massagers for developers". As in very few do it (Google). As for your question on better sources, I found
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Do professional software developers write an average of 10 lines of code per day?

The 2nd edition of Code Complete cites Cusumano et al. (2003) for the best-known (till then) industry figure(s). The paper is based on a survey of 104 projects in four regions of the globe. The ...
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Does having a specification result in better code?

After reading this question I wondered if there be statement about this on the free book Evidence-based Software Engineering. After a quick review I was able to find a statement on chapter 6 "...
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Do programmers who learn to type faster become better programmers?

According to Cognitive Consequences of Programming: Augmentations to Basic Instruction Journal of Educational Computing Research , volume 2, pages 75-93 (1986): Teachers we surveyed recommended ...
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