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The question is if fracking does... ...accelerate the reduction in CO2. The answer is NO. Consumption of fossil fuels is rising. (Also [1].) So there is no reduction, and no acceleration of reduction that fracking could be part of.


If it replaces coal mining for power production, fracking reduces CO2 emissions, but that's not the whole story. Burning anything results in increased CO2 emissions, and methane leaks in fracked gas infrastructure result in CO2 equivalent emissions that erase the gains in reduced CO2 emissions compared to coal. Engel's argument rests on two key assumptions ...


First, let's agree on definitions. Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) is a process by which fluids are drawn from the ground. In this context, the fluid would either be oil or natural gas. From the article that you link: Engel’s resignation letter said: “The UK is currently spending £7bn a year on importing gas – money that is not being used to ...

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