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Is it possible to increase the breast size of a woman through massage?

There is limited evidence to support the idea that it does the opposite in postpartum mothers. One meta-study found that massages reduce engorgement, meaning that they decrease the size1. This effect ...
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Does sleeping together naked help stay warm?

No. (If the alternative is sleeping together clothed in the same configuration, from a everybody-at-nominal-temperature starting point) Your thermal insulation is as good as the sum of it's parts - ...
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Is capsaicin (found in chili peppers) an aphrodisiac?

Yes, in rats Guyamin, M et al. Effects of Capsicum frutescens L.(Siling Labuyo) on the sexual behavior of male Rattus norvegicus (Albino rats), Int J Sci Res, 2018, 7,1454--1458 writes The present ...
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Does the body manage to eliminate ethylmercury far more efficiently than it eliminates naturally occurring methylmercury?

Yes. Mercury from Ethylmercury (=Thimerosal) is eliminated faster. In that 2005 paper Burbacher found three times less Hg in the Ethyl-Mercury animals than in the Methyl-Mercury animals (That lower ...
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Is Shaolin monk Hu Qiong using "Chi energy" to withstand an electric drill?

Note: the supporting material in this answer contains references to suicide. If you feel suicidal, please consider getting help The literature call severe injuries related to drill bits 'extremely ...

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