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Does milk make your bones stronger?

A summary of recent evidence suggests: In children with initial low calcium intake, an increase in milk/dairy intake is associated with an increase in bone density. In adults, milk/dairy consumption ...
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Did The Lancet publish an account of a woman who did not age?

It seems that we don't know, but probably not. What we have here is a notable person claiming without a reference that a peer reviewed journal supposedly reported on what many might consider a miracle....
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Did the study mentioned by "The virginity fraud" TEDx Talk happen?

See Genital Anatomy in Pregnant Adolescents: “Normal” Does Not Mean “Nothing Happened” Pediatrics, January 2004, volume 113, pages e67-e69. METHODS The purpose of this study was to summarize the ...
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Can venomous snakes be determined by these pupil, nostril and scale patterns?

No, this is not true. Not even for just India, as Indian cobra (Naja naja) has round pupils and subcaudal (tail) scales are divided. There is also no pit visible. It is venomous species of snake. ...
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Are blue light filters, not blue lights, on phones and computer screens harmful to sleep?

This is the study itself if you want to read it. Yes it is a study in mice. It is evidence but not proof that blue filters are counter-productive, at least according to the authors of this single, ...
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Do people carry around up to 20 lbs (9 kg) of poop?

No. According to the chapter "Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Colon" in Human Colonic Bacteria (1995) : The large intestine contains about 220 g wet weight of contents (range circa 60–900 g),...
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Does vegetarian sweat smell better?

"Smell" is a sense that is said to be more directly tied to emotional processing in the brain than other senses. But all interpretations of sensory information is subject to subjectivity. And smell is ...
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Can the Bajau people stay underwater for as long as 13 minutes?

I will say 'no'. According to the study Underwater working times in two groups of traditional apnea divers in Asia: The Ama and the Bajau, Bajau divers dive for 28 seconds with an standard deviation ...
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Do people carry around up to 20 lbs (9 kg) of poop?

Those Ads were popular on TV years ago. They all claim some permanent build-up of "extra poop" which only a cleanse can remove. I found a lovely 2018 quote from a skeptic medical office of ...
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If one man is shot in the head while holding a gun to another man, can the former get a shot off on the latter?

Yes, it is possible for one to get a shot off after being shot in the head oneself. Here are two different examples, both involving cab drivers being shot in the head and still returning fire. For the ...
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Is there a point of no return when starving to death?

tl;dr: Yes, there is a point at which recovery is not possible without significant medical intervention. Death by starvation is not simply a matter of running out of energy to sustain life, so cannot ...
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Are women physically weaker?

Grip Strength When testing grip strength, a median young adult man is stronger than about 98%+ of young adult women. Even the top fraction of female athletes as a population are only slightly ...
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Can venomous snakes be determined by these pupil, nostril and scale patterns?

... maybe a bit more education hurts even less... but the answer is still no. So to me the description with pits and slit pupils (and also the head drawing) looks like indicating pit vipers. I don't ...
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Can black people, on average, jump higher than white people?

According to Relationship between vertical jump and maximal power output of legs and arms: Effects of ethnicity and sport Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports Volume 25, April 2015,...
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Is the comeback of measles in the US "largely due to anti-vaxers?"

The answer depends a lot on what mechanism you imply and who you consider to be "anti-vaxxers". If you consider anti-vaxxers to be all groups of people who as a group oppose vaccination (e.g. for ...
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Does it take two weeks for a single man to produce enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on Earth?

Theoretically that is rough-ballpark-correct. But that is assuming that you would need only one sperm per woman, which is unrealistic. Using the... erm... "normal" way, not every sperm finds its way ...
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Is any unconscious person capable of full splits?

No. The claim, that "when unconscious, we are all capable of full splits", is not supported by evidence. There is not a great deal of literature on this topic. One paper on a similar topic “...
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Can venomous snakes be determined by these pupil, nostril and scale patterns?

That is a diagram for identifying pit vipers. There are many, many venomous snakes in the world, including I believe all of the most deadly ones, that are not pit vipers. The advice is particularly ...
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Is 1,7% of the population born intersex?

The 1.7% figure is from this article[1] (emphasis mine): Adding the estimates of all known causes of nondimorphic sexual development suggests that approximately 1.7% ...
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Does it take time for the brain to realize that you have eaten too much?

The mechanisms of hunger and satiation are regulated by the endocrine system, not through the much faster nervous system. The specific hormone that regulates appetite is ghrelin. When the stomach is ...
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Can a lightbulb once inserted into your mouth be safely removed?

While it's a bad idea to put fragile glass objects in your mouth, the primary assertion here is clearly false. First of all, there are at least five different YouTube videos where people try it out ...
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Does synthetic vitamin C contribute to the formation of genotoxins that can lead to cancer?

In a article, which was apparently about this study, they state that: In the process of destroying free radicals, vitamin C turns into what's called a vitamin C radical. If certain ...
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Are physically attractive people more likely to be right wing politically?

When I encounter popular reporting on scientific claims, I have a checklist that I go through to check its credibility. I do not try to evaluate their methods myself, because I cannot rigourously ...
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Were humans placed on Earth by aliens?

Ellis Silver takes a number of features of human physiology, claims they are inexplicable by evolution, and comes to the extreme conclusion that aliens placed humans on Earth. However, each of the ...
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Does it take two weeks for a single man to produce enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on Earth?

Based on some information in the answer by DevSolar I will estimate the number of sperm in the range of 190-290 million a day, which as noted has a fair amount of uncertainty. However, I'm willing to ...
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Does UA Rush bodywear improve athletic performance?

I started with search engines looking for supporting evidence. However, I found none, so I decided to contact Under Armour directly. (Ping me in chat and add a comment for the full transcript. I have ...
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Does the heart pump blood through arteries?

Your reasoning is faulty. You assume that the capillaries are a single tube of length 60,000 miles. In fact they are many tubes running in parallel, so the flow of blood is divided between parallel ...
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Does watching pornography increase sexual performance in women?

The relevant research paper doesn't address the question as to whether or not pornography increases sexual performance in women. Sommet and Berent (2022) found a correlation: In contrast, among ...
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Is it possible to increase the breast size of a woman through massage?

There is limited evidence to support the idea that it does the opposite in postpartum mothers. One meta-study found that massages reduce engorgement, meaning that they decrease the size1. This effect ...
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Does the body get rid of alcocol first before metabolizing food?

It is not that our body "focuses" on alcohol but alcohol being a liquid gets absorbed and metabolized quickly (or first in relation to your question), whereas food needs to be broken down first into ...
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