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Does ascending one step burn 0.1 kcal of energy?

TL,DR: it's in the right ballpark (but depends on how much you weigh, what you're carrying, how fast you're going, etc.). For the elevation alone (not counting the extra energy spent moving your legs)...
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Does ascending one step burn 0.1 kcal of energy?

The 'mgh' analysis given by @Gilles is correct but for a consideration of muscle efficiency - the ratio of useful mechanical work (energy) output to biochemical energy input for human muscle. This is ...
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Does the body get rid of alcocol first before metabolizing food?

It is not that our body "focuses" on alcohol but alcohol being a liquid gets absorbed and metabolized quickly (or first in relation to your question), whereas food needs to be broken down first into ...
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Do many people die because of shovelling snow?

About 100 a year in the USA. An estimated 195 100 individuals (95% confidence interval, 140 400-249 800) were treated in US EDs for snow shovel–related incidents during the 17-year study period, ...
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Is high intensity interval training an efficient way to improve your cardio?

This answer looks at the results of three different meta-analyses that look at HIT vs traditional endurance training. The evidence is mixed, but generally supports HIT being slightly better. Sources ...
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Do fitness trackers make you fatter?

No. Using a tracker does not make you fatter, and that is not what this study claims. Lets start with the participants: Among young adults with a BMI between 25 and less than 40 (so no already ...
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Can small amounts of exercise build muscle?

Getting "ripped" (or synonym of your choice) is an effort in body recomposition. This usually involves building lean muscle mass and losing excess body fat, although not necessarily at the ...
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Does ascending one step burn 0.1 kcal of energy?

CalorieLab has a calculator for calories burned per type of activity. If you type in a weight 70 kg (155 lbs) and chose "Walking," you get a chart for various walking activities and one says that ...
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Are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises effective?

The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is wrist overuse: Work-related activities that require a high degree of repetition and force or use of hand-operated vibratory tools ...
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Does exercise trigger migraines?

American Migraine Foundation mentions that stress can be a trigger of a migraine attack in almost 70% of sufferers. A heavy exercise at an inappropriate time can act as a stressor, while regular ...
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Do fitness trackers make you fatter?

"The idea of using a fitness tracker is that you should pay more attention to the amount of exercise you get and, therefore, be more likely to get enough. This should support weight loss in people who ...
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Can joints withstand greater compressive forces than shear forces without injury?

Seems both squats and leg extensions can be safe, if done right (including in the case of leg extensions the right equipment) It is not as if some force z upwards is only resultant in an exercise-...
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Does heavy exercising increase beard growth?

Yes, exercise does indeed seem to have a positive effect on beard growth, but it's not a direct one. This is primarily due to the fact that certain types of exercise, such as weightlifting and other ...
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Does exercise make you smarter?

Like the answer by 4erkas, we can answer your question in terms of BDNF, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity: aerobic training may not improve baseline BDNF levels in healthy subjects (Griffin et al., ...
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