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Did Plato and Socrates discuss picking the largest ear of wheat in a wheat field?

No, that story is not in Plato’s Dialogues. You have here Jowett’s translation of Plato’s dialogues. I didn’t read it, but I looked up all instances of wheat (it is a PDF), there are 9, and they have ...
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Do certain religious traditions believe that Eve had sex with the Serpent?

Eve having Sex with the serpent This is also called the serpent seed theory. The idea is that the arch angel Samael was the serpent and used that form to have sex with Eve, which then resulted in the ...
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Did John Stuart Mill write a history of Roman law at age 10?

Yes he did, at the age of 10 and 11, according to John Stuart Mill himself, but he never published it, and later destroyed the manuscripts, so we have no way of corroborating it. According to his ...
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Does General Relativity bring "Cosmic Time," which is the same for all frames-of-reference?

No, cosmic time is only universal for observers moving just with the expansion of the universe. As explained in M. Pettini: Introduction to Cosmology: An observer at rest with respect to the ...
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Did Plato say “we can change reality by changing our mind”?

Probably not. The first quotation as such for the sentence I found is in a 1990 book (Being Happy!) by Andrew Matthews. There is practically no Plato-context provided there; it a appears in a quick ...
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Are moral philosophers more moral than other philosophers?

First of all, the study cited was not, in any way, any kind of an empirical study, so, no, currently there is no standard for measuring that. How does one empirically measure "moral"? One can ...
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