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Are these pictures of Osama Bin Laden with Obama, Rice and Hillary Clinton authentic?

Hillary Clinton: Fake Snopes explains A photograph of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has circulated online (divorced from its original context) ever since ...
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Did Kim Clement Predict 9/11?

Cherry Picking In order to actually determine whether Kim Clement is actually making predictions we would need to analyze the complete corpus of his statements. He says a lot. Highlight reels such as ...
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Is the hunt for Osama bin Laden responsible for the setback(s) in Polio eradication?

tl;dr: The claim is true. While the Taliban had a history of opposing vaccination campaigns pre-dating Osama bin Laden's death by at least five years, the news of the CIA's fake campaign contributed ...
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Did a lack of Muslims in Japan help prevent a 2002 AQ terrorist attack?

This is indeed based on a report provided by the US government to Japanese press and published in Japan on 14 February 2004. According to that day's Sankei Shinbun (no longer publicly available online)...
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Was Bin Laden trending on TikTok on 17 November 2023?

Yes, Bin Laden was trending on TikTok around that date. This is well documented by several news publications. Shortly after this trend began, TikTok removed the videos in question, noting that they ...
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Were Osama Bin Laden's family members flown out of the United States after the 9/11 attacks, during a time when there was a ban on air travel?

They were flown out, but not when air travel was banned. Firstly, civilian air traffic was allowed to resume "at 11 a.m. EDT [eastern daylight time] Thursday [13 September 2001]", so there was only ...
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Was Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9-11?

Here are some bin Laden quotes where he took responsibility for 9/11. October 29, 2004 I will speak to you about the reasons behind these incidents. I will honestly tell you about the minutes in ...
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