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Did Russian hackers beat slot machines with an app?

You question, as currently worded, is more of a physiological question. Can human respond to a stimuli in a quarter of a second? Yes. From this journal article is appears that the mean is around ...
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Was there curfew in Tensta, Stockholm imposed by criminal gangs?

As requested in comments: Your TV4 link is from 17 October. On 20 October Swedish Television reported "Information about curfews in Tensta exaggerated" using the lovely Swedish word ...
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Was there curfew in Tensta, Stockholm imposed by criminal gangs?

Was there curfew in Tensta, Stockholm (or some other suburb) proclaimed by criminal gangs? Yes, according to the police. No, according to SVT (but more about that later). Summarizing from the article (...
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Are criminals wandering around with contactless POS sale terminals helping themselves to small amounts from people's RFID credit/debit cards?

Roger Grimes is a computer security professional. In late 2017, he wrote an article for CSO describing his search for confirmed examples of people having the credit cards skimmed by an RFID reader: I’...
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Was Ross Capicchioni shot by a friend as part of a gang initiation?

If there were any truth to this sensational story, I find it unlikely that the Detroit Free Press or any other regional outlet would not have covered it. I've searched widely in news databases like ...
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