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Is the current crisis in the Sri Lankan economy caused by a decision to mandate organic farming?

Not really, no. Reading further down the Guardian article will reveal the truth. The basics are easy: [The] problems began in April last year when President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, [...] implemented a ...
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Are fruits better than processed fruit juices?

Broadly yes, You lose most of the fibre present in the fruit, fibre is important for digestion and likely has other benefits (, it also helps slow ...
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Does organic cotton use less water than conventional cotton?

The claim that organic cotton farming uses less water than conventional modes of farming appears to be the scientific consensus. For instance, Grose (2009) states that [farmers] in Israel have ...
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Does consuming Vitamin C after eating shrimp result in death by arsenic?

Possibly, but not likely There is an older study mentioned in this 1985 Chicago Tribune article that states that and extremely high dose of Vitamin C followed by eating shrimp may result in "...
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Are milk and butter from grass-fed cows better for you?

TL;DR: There is not a great deal of difference about organic milk when compared to conventionally produced milk in terms of nutrients once the different factors that influence milk production were ...
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Is most truffle oil artificially flavored olive oil?

In France, the difference between a natural and an artificial aromas is the simple 2-letter word "de": for a natural aroma, "arĂ´me de truffe" is written on the label (i.e. aroma from truffles), ...
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Are milk and butter from grass-fed cows better for you?

The basis of most of the grass-fed claims I've heard are based on the fact that the natural grass-based diet in cows and other ruminants leads to a much higher level of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs)...
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