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Is bread bad for ducks?

I can't comment specifically on ducks, but I will quote the Official Statement on Bread from the Queen's Swan Marker (who has responsibility for swans in the UK): There has been a great deal of press ...
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Does Condensed Milk Contain Milk?

Sweetened condensed milk is made by evaporating some of the water from milk and adding sugar. So yes it does contain milk as your wikipedia link in your original question stated. The article that ...
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Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?

The claims people bring to this site never fail to impress! This is more false than it is true. Pepsi does not contain HEK-293 cells. HEK cells were used to test different kinds of sweeteners to ...
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Does microwaving food create particles that are not created when warming food by conventional means?

The English abstract of Zur Frage der Aminosäureisomerisierung im Mikrowellenfeld Ergebnisse eines Modellversuches mit Standardlösungen [The question of amino acid isomerization in a microwave field ...
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Does milk make your bones stronger?

A summary of recent evidence suggests: In children with initial low calcium intake, an increase in milk/dairy intake is associated with an increase in bone density. In adults, milk/dairy consumption ...
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Did the number of U.S. Food & Drug Administration food safety inspections fall from the 1972 to 2006?

The documentary film Food, Inc. was released in June 2009. Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed in the New York Times about this movie on June 20, 2009. One tidbit he omitted from his draft of the article ...
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Is bread bad for ducks?

To address the feeding of ducks: Ducks Unlimited Canada has this to say: I’VE HEARD THAT FEEDING DUCKS BREAD IS BAD. WHAT SHOULD I FEED THEM? DUC does not recommend feeding ducks. It ...
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Does the cardboard box cost more than the corn in cornflakes?

According to the 2000 book Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, Second Edition, page 616: For a box of ready to eat cereal: Grain cost is $0.09 Other ingredients $0.05 Packaging Cost $0.10 ...
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Does the Idaho Potato Commission associate potato skins with healthy eating?

Doctor Potato says you should be eating the skin of the potato because that’s where most of the nutrients come from. Should I Be Eating The Skin Of The Potato? ... Yes. Eat the skin to ...
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Are berries allowed to be sold with 60% "mold count" in the United States?

According to the Food Defect Levels Handbook (FDA.gov): MOLD COUNT Refers to the results of the Howard mold count method which is reported as the percentage of positive microscopic fields that have ...
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Is very young lamb poisonous?

In the absence of any further information, it seems likely that these lambs have recently been given some vaccines or other drugs. As a result, they will not be fit for human consumption until the ...
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Does Skippy chunky peanut butter contain trans fat?

According to their website, Skippy brand peanut butter does not contain trans fat. Strictly speaking, according to their website, Skippy brand peanut butter contains a negligible amount of trans fat. ...
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Is bread bad for ducks?

tl;dr- I haven't been able to actual evidence of the claim that consuming bread causes angel wing in ducks, and an expert claims that there isn't any. Apparently the main claim against feeding ducks ...
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Do hot peppers kill cancer?

To the best of my knowledge, the paper cited by the BBC is "Vanilloid receptor agonists and antagonists are mitochondrial inhibitors: how vanilloids cause non-vanilloid receptor mediated cell death" (...
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Did Elvis consume 100,000 calories a day at the end of his life?

That article is silly. For better information see A look at Elvis Presley's insane food habits on the anniversary of his death, which includes a video interview with Elvis's personal cook Mary ...
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Does US governmental advocacy of drinking milk harm African-Americans?

The article doesn't link to the Mother Jones article that spawned it, but it's here. The article makes several points: Consuming dairy has to be done carefully by people who are lactose-intolerant (...
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Does vegetarian sweat smell better?

"Smell" is a sense that is said to be more directly tied to emotional processing in the brain than other senses. But all interpretations of sensory information is subject to subjectivity. And smell is ...
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Is it true that "carbohydrates are of no use for the basal metabolic need"?

No. She talks about basal metabolic rate. And the body uses every source of fuel to fulfil this necessity. This includes carbohydrates. They are used for this and they are even the preferred source of ...
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Did A&W customers think 1/3 pound burger patties weigh less than 1/4 pound ones?

The source of this image is an article in NY Times Magazine, the text of which (about a quarter down the page) is quoted exactly. Kevin Drum, a blogger for MotherJones, tried to track down the source ...
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Does the expression "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" come from a 1944 cereal marketing campaign?

The expression predates that These may not be the oldest examples (especially with so many variations of the expression), but these examples predate the radio entirely and even nearly predate Grape ...
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Does the Idaho Potato Commission associate potato skins with healthy eating?

Q: Does the Idaho Potato Commission associate potato skins with healthy eating? Yes. The Idaho Potato Commission does this now. In several postings they are responsible for they this: Kids Menus ...
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Is slime mold eaten in Mexico as a dish called "feces of the moon"?

Enteridium lycoperdon, a slime mold, is consumed by certain populations in Mexico and has the common name "caca de luna." Fuligo septica, another slime mold, is also consumed in Mexico. (...
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Did a vegan dog live for 29 years?

According to a (2021) interview with Bramble's owner (cited by Wikipedia), Bramble lived 25 (and 1/4 or so) years (not 29), i.e. 1978-2003. If you click on that link you'll discover that it's a vegan ...
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Does burning your food increase your risk of getting cancer?

There is no evidence that the acrylamide produced by browned food causes measurable harm to people The big worry about browning or burning food is the presence of acrylamide which is produced by the ...
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Does Condensed Milk Contain Milk?

Notwithstanding the @Legion600 's answer to the implicit question, I just wanted to be clear: Yes. Condensed milk contains milk At the very least, Nestle Carnation Milk contains milk, sugar and ...
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Is this description of the processes which take place in the body for an hour after drinking Coca Cola accurate?

Lets run down the list and see what we get. (100% of your recommended daily intake of sugar.) The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation is 50 grams of sugar per day. The American Heart ...
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Does one SUV tank of ethanol "take as much grain as could feed a person for a whole year?"

Mathematically accurate From Cornell University News: An acre of U.S. corn yields about 7,110 pounds of corn for processing into 328 gallons of ethanol. That's 3,225 kg and 1241 liters. Let's ...
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Is bread bad for ducks?

The problem of undigested bread Bread may be bad for ducks, but not necessarily for the reasons stated The claim in the question concerns whether bread directly causes diseases for ducks and swans. ...
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Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?

Pepsi is certified kosher in the US, Mexico, and Canada (source), so there cannot be any human products involved in Pepsi made at those locations, as human flesh is not kosher. Kashrus certification ...
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