This was a story told by a single escapee from a prison camp who has since recanted some of his story. Shin Dong-hyuk, who apparently spent some time in Camp 14, made the claim in an interview: Shin was ignorant of everyday life in North Korea. He knew nothing about Kim Jong Il. Instead, he told a story that his American debriefer found to be credible and ...


No, this rumour was false. It was debunked back in early 2014. BBC The Washington Post's Max Fisher writes a five-point takedown of the story that almost - almost - settles the question. "The fact that the Western media have so widely accepted a story they would reject if it came out of any other country tells us a lot about how North Korea is covered ...


"Entire family" From a western American perspective, your wife would probably be under the umbrella of "entire family". Jang's wife was not executed. Her name is Kim Kyong-hui: she's the aunt of Kim Jong-un.

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