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Is this a real photo of North Korean kids?

This photo was taken during the 1997 famine in North Korea by Justin Kilcullen, director of the Irish Catholic charity Trócaire. A period news report says: The Irish delegation met a member of ...
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Did the United States reject an offer by North Korea to freeze their nuclear missile development?

Did both the Trump and Obama administrations receive and reject an offer of de-nuclearization? Yes, certainly. This is an article from The Telegraph, dated 9 March 2017, detailing fallout following ...
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Did President Obama state he was close to starting a war with North Korea?

No, because President Trump is apparently basing his statement on a meeting he had with President Obama and his aides shortly after Trump won the November 2016 election and some of the people present ...
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Did North Korean missiles reach space in early 2022?

They did, but that's not a big deal North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Appears to Be Its Boldest in Years (New York Times): The missile launched on [Jan 28th] was fired at a steep angle, reaching an ...
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Did General Curtis Lemay say that 20% of the North Korean population had been killed?

Yes, he literally said those words, although the quote is severely edited and is taken out of context. The quote comes from Strategic Air Warfare: An Interview with Generals (1988). The full quote ...
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Did Hillary Clinton say that North Korea requires experienced diplomats rather than tweets?

She has expressed those ideas. But I could not find a reliable source for her saying those exact words together. And she certainly didn't say anything of the sort during the 2016 debates which are ...
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Did the North Korean government ever say that Kim Jong-il never defecated?

The 2011 Guardian article seems to be based very closely on an article on Matador Network, which itself is copied from an undated infographic, which lists its sources in the form of a bunch of ...
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Is Kim Jong UN a space alien according to new NASA evidence?

How reliable is that information? Not reliable at all. The Sunday Sport wikipedia entry says as much: ...It prints plainly ludicrous stories, such as "London Bus Found Frozen In Antarctic Ice", ...
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Did the North Korean Navy sink the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Chicago by torpedo boat in 1950?

No, the North Korean didn't sink or even damage any US ship with torpedoes during the Korean War. As the question mentions, 4 ships sailed under the name "U.S.S Chicago", the Baltimore class heavy ...
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Is owning a bible punishable by death in North Korea?

North Korea claims to have limited freedom of religion and has a few Christian churches. However, these are widely believed to be for show for the purposes of foreigners: Except at the handful of ...
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Did North Korea shoot two missiles over Japan?

Yes, North Korea did fire missiles over Japan. This has been widely reported in western media: NYT, Independent, Russian media: RT, Japanese media: Japanese Times are just a few of many examples. ...
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Are there camps in North Korea where people born there don't know Kim Jong Un?

This was a story told by a single escapee from a prison camp who has since recanted some of his story. Shin Dong-hyuk, who apparently spent some time in Camp 14, made the claim in an interview: Shin ...
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Does North Korea have the third highest IQ?

Below are countries sorted by their average ranking in the International Mathematical Olympiad during the last 20 years (https://www.imo-official.org/results.aspx). Countries with larger populations ...
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Did the North Korean government ever say that Kim Jong-il never defecated?

Kang Chol-hwan, a North Korean defector, confirms this in his biography 'The Aquariums of Pyongyang' The specific quote is To my childish eyes and to those of all my friends, Kim Il-sung and Kim ...
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Do North Korean soldiers eat their leaders' feces?

Not likely. Experts commenting on the high rate of parasitic worms found in the general population attribute it to people desperately poor and hungry enough that they don't go through extensive ...
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Did the United States reject an offer by North Korea to freeze their nuclear missile development?

Most, if not all, US administrations have received and/or accepted similar offers, through treaties (1985-12-12, NK accedes to the NPT), directly (1994-06-15, Jimmy Carter brokers a deal to freeze NK ...
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Did Kim Jong-Un have his uncle 's body fed to dogs?

No, this rumour was false. It was debunked back in early 2014. BBC The Washington Post's Max Fisher writes a five-point takedown of the story that almost - almost - settles the question. "The ...
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Did Kim Jong Un have his Uncle's entire family executed?

"Entire family" From a western American perspective, your wife would probably be under the umbrella of "entire family". Jang's wife was not executed. Her name is Kim Kyong-hui: she'...
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Has Pyongyang demanded that the US stop extending its "nuclear umbrella" to Japan as part of the "security guarantees" that the DPRK seeks?

The best I could find somewhat vaguer talk from NK in 2018 of denuclearising the "neigbouring" region... The statement carried by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency comes as ...
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