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Does this video portray Muslims being tortured?

It seems as if the video comes from the Malaysian GGK -- their elite commandos. Here is a similar video from season one of the History Channel's "Special Forces" At 2 AM a group has been caught ...
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Is Sweden experiencing a "rape epidemic?"

No, there is not even a good correlation between actual rape rates and immigration. The figure that Gatestone Institute cites is the rate of reported rapes. This has indeed increased, but the reason ...
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Muslim couple provocatively pictured on beach — true holiday photo or fake (i.e. staged/set up)?

A Google image search suggests it comes from Villa Next Door: Graduation Show 2017; Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and is part of the portfolio created by an artist, Jaimy Gail. Since it is described ...
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Are there millions of cases of girls raped by Muslim men in Europe which resulted in only 222 convictions?

There is no evidence for this. The video supplies two sources: A Quilliam study and a police officer. Neither say that there are millions of rapes by Muslims, and the 222 convictions are not related ...
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Do "all" present-day Subcontinental Muslims have a "Hindu" ancestry?

The precise claim is still quite vague to me. What exactly is meant by "Hindu ancestry"? It isn't like there is some specific Hindu gene we can test for, as far as I can tell. If the details ...
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Have there been polls in the UK that show that most British people support the idea of a Muslim ban?

According to Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries, poll reveals and citing to What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration? 10,195 European adults were asked ...
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Have 25% of all Christian Ex-Muslim converts received dreams or visions as a major factor in their conversion?

(This no longer serves as an answer to the revised question but I'm leaving it as supplemental info) Mystical visions are not uncommon among religious converts. For instance, another study reports ...
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