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Low contrast modes that rely on colour are not a boon, despite the design trends. Complementary colour contrasts may be perceived as strenuous but overall eye fatigue is reduced and readability improved if the contrast is high! Themes like "solarized" are quite terrible in most situations. It was believed that because screen reflections are imaged behind ...


There are more problems which can occur from "staring" on screen. Eye discomfort Headaches Itchy eyes Dry or watering eyes Burning sensations Changes in color perception Blurred vision Difficulty focussing (1, 2, 3) Ways to minimise damage to your eyes caused by computer screens There are several ways you can minimise the potential damage to your eyes ...


Retina Display is unhealthy, but it's unrelated to the resolution. It's the fact, that it's offered only as glossy display, no matte option. Queensland University of Technology page on "High gloss computer screens" This web page contains health and safety considerations for Macintosh – Apple ‘glass’ or high gloss monitor screens. Reflections and ...


Computer Eye Strain: 10 Steps for Relief says, "Choose a display with a dot pitch of .28 mm or smaller." According to MacBook Air - Technical Specifications (with the help of Display PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Calculator), the 13-Inch MacBook Air's dot pitch is 0.1989 mm (127.68 PPI), smaller than 0.28 mm.

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