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Do tinfoil hats protect against any sort of radiation?

Though tin foil hats do protect you from electromagnetic radiation and from some forms of ionizing radiation, they do not protect you from all possible electromagnetic radiation: In a not-too-serious-...
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Is there any evidence that soldiers turned traitor due to Chinese "brainwashing"?

I took a look at the most important sources about this, namely: Robert Jay Lifton's Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism (1961) Edgar H. Schein's Coercive Persuasion (1961) The documentary ...
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Did the US Government try to use EMF rays to remotely affect the mental functions of their targets between 1978-1986?

The statement that "a 2-inch beam [of microwaves] can be sent from a satellite, point to point, to a receiving dish on earth" is false. The limit here is diffraction across the transmitter. Being able ...
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