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Was the 45.9°C temperature in France in June 2019 the highest ever recorded in France?

The 1930 measurement was taken incorrectly. The claim was also made in domestic newspapers at the time, including L'Express du Midi: 50° AU SOLEIL A SAINT-ETIENNE Saint-Etienne, 27 août. Le ...
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Do snowballs snowball?

Only when the snow is "wet", not if the snow is powdery. As this January 1910 Watson Wagon advertisement says: The popularity of the Watson continues to grow like a snowball rolling down hill ...
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Do snowballs snowball?

I would have to say, yes, it does, but as evidence, one looks not at the scenario described of rolling a snowball down a hill. Instead, in a snowy area, after a significant snowfall and, especially, ...
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Can wind remain as cold as -70 degrees?

As devsolar points out, -70 degrees (F or C) combined with moderate wind speeds is certainly possible in some ice cap climates, such as Vostok station and the South Pole. Click the following link to ...
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Does each doubling of CO2 cause a 2-4°C increase?

Doubling CO2 will cause approximately 2-4°C increase in annual mean surface air temperature. That means that Svensmark's claim that the increase would be less than this is false. The last two ...
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Does this video show a very localised rain shower falling on one spot?

This is false. The origin of this claim is this video which shows water coming up from the ground not the sky. Snopes has an article debunking it. The video has been circulating online since at least ...
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Is climate change causing more storms and worse storm damage?

Short answer: Maybe yes. Long answer: There's still a lack of papers and data making a clear correlation between global warming and the frequency and strength of storms. There's one study suggests ...
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