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Did Bruce Lee have to slow down his punches to see his movements on camera?

The GIF from that website has 40 frames in it, running for (hand-stopped) ~3 seconds, so it isn't really indicative of "how it looked in theater" (24 frames / second). It's exaggerating the ...
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Does wearing contacts increase the risk of retinal detachment if you receive a blow to the head?

If any study has looked directly at this question, it should not be too hard to find, but I also am not finding it. The only direct expression of professional opinion on this I've found so far is in ...
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Did a soldier fight off 40 train robbers?

No, he fought them, but didn't fight them off. the khukri fell from my hand and I was overpowered. They picked it up and used it on me
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Is Shaolin monk Hu Qiong using "Chi energy" to withstand an electric drill?

Note: the supporting material in this answer contains references to suicide. If you feel suicidal, please consider getting help The literature call severe injuries related to drill bits 'extremely ...

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