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Did Gandhi sleep naked with girls when he was elderly?

Yes, Gandhi slept with girls naked as a part of sexual experiments on attaining celibacy when he was 70 years old. The girls were Manu (Gandhi's grandniece), Abha (wife of Gandhi's nephew Kanu) and ...
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Did Gandhi say "The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork"?

In her book Animal Grace (first published in 2000) Mary Lou Randour writes: Gandhi noted the significance of eating utensils as symbols, saying that the most violent weapon on earth is the knife ...
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Did Gandhi support homeopathy?

I found this excellent summary of one person's investigation into the "Gandhi supported homeopathy" claim. It appears to be totally bogus. ...'s user avatar
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Did Mahatma Gandhi have a physical relationship with a man?

Hermann Kallenbach Hermann Kallenbach is the person that is alleged to have possibly had a homo-sexual relationship with Mahatma Gandhi, according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia, Hermann Kallenbach Dr. ...
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Did Gandhi trump Professor Peters in a number of interactions?

The story is false and circulated as a joke on Facebook first and somebody took it too seriously ... more about false story ...
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Did Gandhi supporters block trains by lying down in front of them?

According to the World Diary 1929-1934 at page 35: On April 5 [1930] Gandhi carried out his threat... Within a week British soldiers throughout India were using their swagger sticks to flick the ...
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Did Gandhi tell this story about sugar?

The specific passage attributed by the OP to Gandhi is found to be previously present in the book "The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin" by Idries Shah. Thanks so much to the earlier ...
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