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Did Euler make the elementary mistake √-2 √-3 = √6?

Euler did write this, but it was not a mistake! Euler's statement was correct under his own definition of the notation that he was using. I looked at the PDF version of Elements of Algebra linked to ...
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Did Euler make the elementary mistake √-2 √-3 = √6?

Euler did argue that √-2 √-3 = √6. Whether this is a mistake depends a lot on context. This appears in Euler's 1770 publication Elements of Algebra in Section I., Chapter XIII. (pdf link). ...
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Is obesity causing diabetes and other illness, and not just correlated with?

It's not completely clear from your question whether you want to know if obesity causes illnesses, or you want to know if diet causes illnesses even after controlling for obesity. I'm going to assume ...
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