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Did al-Ghazali lead to decline of science in Islam as Neil Tyson claims?

This is an old myth from the days of Orientalism. Unfortunately Wikipedia is often edited precisely by people who have simply seen popular accounts by people like Tyson (or Skeptoid podcast, or The ...
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Did Christopher Langan learn to speak when he was only 6 months old?

Unfortunately, without any conclusive audio of Langan speaking at 6 months we can't really prove whether he could or could not speak. However, it is possible, though unlikely, that he could speak very ...
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Does abuse of 'study drugs' increase school performance or learning?

TLDR version: the jury's still out. There's limited evidence of improvement in narrow tasks, mainly in memory (particularly on stimulants) and in some sub-groups of individuals. There's also a ...
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Did al-Ghazali lead to decline of science in Islam as Neil Tyson claims?

Ghazali actually praised the disciplines of math and science saying they are necessary to a prosperous society. Sciences whose knowledge is deemed fard kifayah comprise [all] sciences which are ...
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At what age do children develop a sense of gender identity?

According to this review of studies, children develop a sense of gender quite early and can relate it to themselves early as well: A related question is, when do children recognize their own sex? ...
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Does drawing diagrams lead to 36% higher scores when solving science problems?

See page 61 of The Design of Future Educational Interfaces : An analysis of matched pairs of problems revealed that when biology students constructed diagrams their scores averaged 36% ... In ...
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Do 'wiggle chairs' help children to stay focused or learn better?

Summary: Yes, there is some early evidence of a small effect. Alternative seating is a general term that refers to a number of different furniture options with similar goals. They include the disc ...
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Does fast feedback result in greater expertise?

In some if not most cases, yes. According to this study of motor skills, a greater frequency of feedback can speed up learning of complex tasks until a certain level of expertise is achieved. However ...
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