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Did the CDC lose a Federal Lawsuit to produce evidence that vaccines do not cause Autism?

This lawsuit is over a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. FOIA is a law requiring government entities to release certain types of information upon request. Plaintiffs asked the CDC to provide ...
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Did the US government claim that it has the right to control "cognitive infrastructure", i.e. thoughts?

No, but Judge Doughty implied elsewise in his ruling From point 28 of the Missouri v. Biden ruling by Judge Doughty: On November 21, 2021, CISA Director Easterly reported that CISA is “beefing up its ...
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Did Ivana Trump claim under oath that she had been raped by Donald Trump?

The court documents are sealed and thus not available. Some of the them were still obtained by the New York Daily News, but the deposition in question is missing and was possibly destroyed in a fire. ...
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Has Disney sued itself and won?

It is possible that Deadmau5 is referring to a 2004 lawsuit between Roy Disney and the Walt Disney Company. The one lawsuit I could find was from 2004, Roy E. DISNEY, Plaintiff, v. The WALT DISNEY ...
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Has Congress's Office of Compliance secretly settled sexual harassment lawsuits?

Cernovich's sources do not support the extent of his claims. When he says: Congressmen settled over 250 sexual harassment lawsuits and Hidden from public view, Congress's Office of Compliance paid ...
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Did a man in France sue his employer because he was bored at work?

This article, from the French newspaper Le Monde, explains that Mr Desnard was fired because of his prolonged sick leave due to his car accident. He is suing because he contests his dissmissal. His ...
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Did the US government claim that it has the right to control "cognitive infrastructure", i.e. thoughts?

Mind you, I'm not an expert, but I found this information suggesting that "confidence in election procedures" is part of the critical functions (defined at National Critical Functions and ...
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Does the Westboro Baptist Church get most of their funding from lawsuits?

Q: Does the Westboro Baptist Church (which was founded and led by one Fred Phelps) get a significant amount of their funding from lawsuits? A: What do NGOs and the press say? Here are some quotes. ...
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