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Are there 300,000 items in the average American household, and 10,000 items in the average European household?

The sources quote Regina Lark who in turn quotes unnamed sources. The specialist in organizing and productivity writes: Are there 300,000 Things in a Home? One thing I remember reading impressed the ...
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In the US, were clover lawns common until a supposed smear campaign by Roundup?

Clover was undesirable in US lawns prior to the invention of Roundup. Roundup (glyphosate aka N-phosphonomethylglycine) was invented in 1971. However, in Suggested Guide for Weed Control 1967 ...
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In the US, were clover lawns common until a supposed smear campaign by Roundup?

You have it half-right, but to get the whole story, we have to go back to World War II. Insect-related diseases were a huge problem in every war before WWII, and often killed more soldiers than the ...
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Does detergent help clean clothes in washing machines?

It seems like there are two parts to this question, and, perhaps, OP will tighten up the language a bit. Do we need to use detergent in washing machines? Depends on what you want when you wash ...
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Has there ever been a burglary or assault from someone keeping an old key and using it on new owners?

Sure, it happens. The deputies responded to a call of the alleged robbery just before 9:20 p.m. at a home in the 10500 block of Hemlock Avenue and learned that three men entered a home using a key ...
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In the US, were clover lawns common until a supposed smear campaign by Roundup?

According to Ted Steinberg in American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn (2006): There was only one problem with 2,4-D. It killed clover, one of the most useful “weeds” found in the ...
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Does residential radon cause lung cancer?

Key assertions here are, at best, out of date. According to a 1997 study: Until ongoing case-control studies of indoor radon are completed and the data are pooled and analyzed, the studies of ...
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Can an iron + steam remove "heat stains" from a wood table?

According to the University of Kentucky - College of Agriculture, it (an iron) is but one of the many techniques used to remove a blemish from wood finishes. But the type of finish will determine the ...
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Was the living room called the "death room" around World War I? If so, by whom?

The 1990 book Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America says: To remove the stigma of death from the home this "death room" became a "living room" by simple decree by the ...
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Does adding a dry towel to a load in the dryer make it dry faster?

The Good Housekeeping Institute says that they tested adding a dry towel: the Good Housekeeping Institute gave the tea towel in the tumble dryer tip a go, they found that drying time was reduced by ...
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