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Is Bach's flower remedy 'rescue' effective?

Bach's flower remedies, were once sourced by shaking sun-drenched dew from the blossoms of the plants that had psychically responded to negative emotions Dr.Bach had, and saving the dew in Brandy. ...
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Is Tegarome effective to treat minor skin injuries such as sun burn, insect stings, scratches?

TL;DR: As of today, no study found showing the effectiveness of Tegarome for any treatment. As of 12th Feb, I sent a message to the laboratory asking for a link to said study. Looking up the product, ...
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Do nettle stings help reduce joint pain?

Stinging nettle is apparently used since ancient times, also for the problems or diseases indicated in the question: Some popular medicinal plants and diseases of the Upper Palaeolithic in Western ...
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Could Thymoquinone help against COVID-19?

There appears a plausible mechanism for Thymoquinone to be effective in treating/preventing COVID-19, and indeed as early as July 2020, it was stated that "Therefore, the time is probably ...
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